About Us

Sino Vision Worldwide Holdings Limited (the “Company”, and its subsidiaries are hereinafter referred to as the “Group”) was a limited liability company incorporated in the Cayman Islands on 15th, March 2000 under the Companies Law of the Cayman Islands, the Company is redomiciled and continued in Bermuda on 21st, August 2015. The shares of the Company were listed on the Growth Enterprise Market (the “GEM”) of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Stock Exchange”) on 2nd, August 2000. The Group is principally engaged in e-commerce and provision of online sales platform, money lending business and provision of property management and property agency services.

Since mid-2017, the Group has focused on the commercial application and scale-up of intellectual property (IP) rights products which targeting the market of cultural products consumption. The Group successfully acquired the Sense Media Group, which practically deployed the concept of "Technology + IP + Catering" and “Y&P Culture Group”, a channel agency service provider with specialist in "IP + Scenario" and further invested in “Beijing Huoyi”, a company which engaged in visual effects and film animation production. The acquisitions and investment help the Group to build a solid foundation for its strategic transformation on development of new retail model and consumer service platform.

The Group believes that the licensing intellectual property rights related industry has tremendous potential in worldwide. With the development of internet technologies, the generally accepted e-commerce consumption model, the favorable environment on upgrading consumption habits and the gradual progress in new consumption era, the development of this industry will enhance the profitability and value-added to existing traditional retail business and form a cross-regional and cross-platform business chain. The Group effectively invested its resources in the IP industry to enhance its pioneering capabilities through mergers, acquisitions and effective management of quality projects and became the forerunner of the new concept of "Technology + IP + Scenario" in new retail business in Greater China region.