Executive Directors
Mr. Lok Pak Ho

graduated from Monash University, with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy. He is currently a practising member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He worked in an international accounting firm from February 2007 to September 2010 where he his position was senior associate. He is the founder of Goted CPA Limited for which he has been acting as a director since its incorporation in February 2014.

Mr. Huang Qing

graduated from Shanghai Lixin Higher College of Accounting* now known as Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance* in 2003. Mr. Huang has over five years of experience in product and sales management in the information technology industry in China. From 2017 to 2019, Mr. Huang occupied managerial role in a company principally engaged in information technology and software development business in China.

Mr. Bai Long

has over 12 years of experience in sales and marketing. After graduating from secondary school, Mr. Bai has been working as a marketing manager and marketing director in Guangzhou, PRC focusing on network terminal design and network management. Mr. Bai has experience on managing the network terminal data, operating and managing the network platform, participating in setting up the marketing strategy on the internet network, promoting sales on the internet network, operating B2B platform and training staff. Mr. Bai has also been responsible for conducting market research in the PRC market.

Non-Executive Directors
Independent Non-executive Directors
Ms. Liu Pui Shan

is a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants. She holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration (Professional Accountancy) from Hong Kong Baptist University and has over 6 years of experience in audit and assurance field. Ms. Liu is currently the financial controller of Far East Hotels and Entertainment Limited, a company listed on Main Board of the Stock Exchange with stock code 37. From 10 May 2017 to 14 June 2019, Ms. Liu serves as the financial controller and company
secretary of Shenzhen Mingwah Aohan High Technology Corporation Limited* (深圳市明華澳漢科技股份有限公司), the H shares of which are listed on GEM of the Stock Exchange with stock code 8301. Ms. Liu joined the Group on 16 November 2018.

Ms. Xu Yilei

has over 8 years of experience in the media industry. Ms. Xu has been a vice president of Shanghai Xiyue Media Technology Company Limited since June 2012. Ms. Xu graduated from Changzhou Technical Teachers College (now known as Jiangsu University of Technology) with a bachelor degree in computer science and technology in June 2001. 

Mr. Chiam Tat Yiu

holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Mr. Chiam has extensive experience in finance and accounting sectors. He worked in the Assurance & Advisory Business Services Department in Ernst & Young and worked at various positions in various companies including CCB International (Holdings) Limited, CITIC International Assets Management Limited, Tai Shing International (Holdings) Limited (stock code: 8103), a company listed on GEM of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Stock Exchange”), China Huarong Overseas Investment Holdings Company Limited and so on. Since February 2020, Mr. Chiam has been an independent non-executive director of China Oil Gangran Energy Group Holdings Limited (stock code: 8132), a company listed on GEM of the Stock Exchange.